We Are All Wonder Woman

Wondering why I said that ?

Yes, we are all wonder woman. Wonder because of our dignified beauty and woman by our elegance.

A woman who is beautiful inside is the real definition of beauty, grace, dignity, elegance and a lot more, irrespective of their shape, size, colour, culture, physical ability, mental strength & intelligence. Beautiful is a women who has a distinctive personality and one who can laugh at anything including themselves and who is especially kind and caring to others. Beautiful is a woman whom you can trust and count on to brighten your day. She’s a woman with a golden heart who can inexplicably make you feel really good.

As you can see, in the above picture there are different kinds of woman each with a different body type. Which doesn’t even count if you have a beautiful heart. Each body type has its place. Every body and every face is attractive in a way in their communities

Comparing a woman from others doesn’t make that woman ugly! People tend to compare woman that when they see that if a particular woman is beautiful compared to others, they think that all the rest of the woman are ugly. 

The phrase —>

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It says that we all have different definitions of beauty and you’re a nobody to judge who is beautiful or not. For everyone in some ways all are beautiful.

True beauty comes within, we as woman & especially young girls judge themselves on the basis of others thoughts. Even when I was young I judged myself according to how others see me and then I thought oh I have to look like a certain way, that they’ll find me beautiful…but that is a superficial beauty !

Now, I find myself very beautiful. All because one person doesn’t see the beauty, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. So, there is not set standard for Beauty. It is safe to say that every woman is beautiful in someway to someone. 

As i said earlier, in my opinion all woman are beautiful, because this word has a lot of values. Beauty doesn’t mean good looks or perfect facial features or slender body or having fashionable style etc! 

Beauty is the inner world of woman.

From now let’s compliment each other as wonder woman.

#BeBeautiful #BeYou #BeBold #BeAWoman 

Be a Wonder Woman

Thank you.

(Do share your views in the comment section below)

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6 thoughts on “We Are All Wonder Woman

  1. “We need to reshape our own perception… And you have taken a step… Proud of you.. good going shibambika…. Always with you ..

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